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With regards to availability of fabrics and lace which is currently available in stock.

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SB20801 – Jacquard

SB20813 – Embroidered Organza

SB21693 – Embroidered P.F.D.

SB21694 – Lace Flounced Pfd

SB21695 – Lace stretch dyed in Italy

SB21696 – Lace stretch P.F.D.

SB21698 – Tulle jacquard P.F.D.

SB21700 – Check Lace P.F.D.

SB21701 – Tulle Jacquard Pfd

SB21702 – Lace Pfd

SB21706 – Devorè + Flock P.F.D.

SB21707 – Lace Pfd

SB21708 – Vichy P.F.D.

SB21709 – Match Bouclè P.F.D.

SB21713 – Jacquard P.F.D.

SB21716 – Raso P.F.D.

SB21718 – Jersey P.F.D.

SB21719 – Slub Jersey P.F.D.

SB21720 – Jersey Stretch P.F.D.

SB21721 – Jersey Stretch

SB21723 – Brushed Lace P.F.D.

SB21726 – Brushed Lace Dyed in Italy

SB21727 – Brushed Lace Dyed in Italy

SB21802 – Plissè Look Black & White

SB21805 – Tela

SB21806 – Mussola Mercerized Sanfor

SB21807 – Embroidered Muslin P.F.D.

SB21808 – San Gallo P.F.D.

SB21809 – San Gallo Pfd

SB21811 – Embroidered Pfd

SB21826 – Lace Stretch P.F.D.

SB21830 – Lace P.F.D.

SB21831 – Lace

SB21832 – Lace

SB21836 – Organza Embroidered

SB21837 – Charleston Pfd

SB21841 – Needlework Fur Pfd

SB21843 – Fantasy Fur

SB21847 – Lace Stretch

SB21849 – Brushed Lace P.F.D.

SB21850 – Supima Mercerised

SB21851 – Ice Stretch Cotton

SB21859 – San Gallo Velvet

SB21860 – Matelassè

SB21862 – San Gallo Velvet

SB21717 – Shimmed Double

SB21848 – Lace Foiled Worked in Italy

SB20845 – Embroidered Hand Pfd

SB21827 – Lace Stretch Black

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